Monday letters: Friends need to aid Randolph

August 12, 2013 

— The compassion is commendable, but the rallying of “the good-ol’-boys and -girls” network to dismiss the charges against state NAACP President Lonnie Randolph is hardly what is needed. There are tens of millions of us with diabetes, a hideous disease that can be minimized with the proper discipline of taking the prescribed medications, proper nutrition, and exercise — along with the proper support of family and friends.

A diabetic generally knows when he has abused his regimen, which can lead to an adverse reaction — modified behavior being one of them; death can be another. If it has been public information that the gentleman has had multiple episodes and he continues to not take responsibility for his well-being, it seems that the same would apply to him as in “friends don’t let friends drive drunk”; his friends need to take a firm stand to protect him and those who might be affected by his adverse behavior.

How else will he take responsibility? He is an adult.

I’m sure that lawyers are eagerly awaiting the disposition of the case as they probably have a backlog of verdicts that could be reversed based on adverse behavior from other diseases — namely alcoholism and drug addiction.

James Glynn Nichols


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