Wednesday letters: Will tragedy bring change?

August 14, 2013 

Ten years from now, will we look back and say nothing has changed? What lessons can we learn from the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case to ensure positive change?

Some fault Zimmerman for not obeying the 911 operator and backing away. Who has the authority or right to control our destiny in a dangerous situation?

Martin had a criminal background. Should we stop hiding the criminal background of teenagers?

Martin was on school suspension. Why can’t we set up a program that requires dropouts and those suspended to attend special classes coordinated by the school district, the police department and with parent involvement?

Parents fight for custody of their children. Should we require them to have responsibility to age 18?

Many kids are short-changed by our education system. Thus, they get suspended or drop out of school. Many are complacent to graduate stupid. We know how to fix the problem. Why don’t our leaders take action to improve education?

As technology changes the world, America falls further behind. When will we find leaders with gumption who will make the radical changes we need?

Why are so many black men under the age of 20 unemployed? Because we have failed them — our education system has failed them. Many lack basic skills to get a job. When you can’t fire incompetent, unqualified teachers, it’s obvious they are more important than our children’s education.

We do not have the will to improve opportunities for our youth. Why, and what will motivate us to change?

William I. Pebley


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