Thursday letters: Limit US enemies’ guns, not citizens’

August 15, 2013 

— The Obama administration, progressives in both political parties and many well-meaning individuals have been calling for additional gun control and background checks.

Meanwhile, the administration facilitated the sale of guns to Mexican drug lords (the Fast and Furious operation); provided arms and aid to rebels in Egypt and Libya, many of who where members of the Muslim Brotherhood (the so-called Arab Spring); and provided arms to Syrian rebels (the scandal underlying the Benghazi coverup).

At the same time the administration seeks to disarm Americans, it is busy arming the enemies of America. Americans have already died at the hands of those with guns supplied them by this government. The only gun control we need is control over the guns and weaponry being supplied by the federal government to enemies of the United States.

Rather than background checks on American citizens exercising their Second Amendment right, we need background checks on the radicals we are supplying with arms and on the people in this administration, who are making the decision to do so.

Nelda Smyrl


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