Sunday letters: Just say no to Columbia City Council members who just said no to voters

August 18, 2013 




— “No,” the refrain resounded yet again. At Tuesday’s meeting, Columbia City Council again rejected the idea of letting voters decide whether they want a strong mayor or strong administrator form of government.

The opponents argued that an election year is not a “good” time to think about change. May 2012 also was not a “good” time to explore this possibility, because it was in mid-tern, and it would not be fair to change the job requirements of somebody in office.

Opponents argued that they sensed no “groundswell” for such a vote and saw no reason to “rush” to vote.

The fact is that there will never be a “good” time for defensive council members to give up a bit of power. Rush? I can’t count the times this topic has surfaced in the 11 years I have lived here.

I sent emails to all council members urging them to put this issue on the November ballot, to let voters have their say — yes or no. No response from opponents Sam Davis, Tameika Isaac Devine or Moe Baddourah. My notes to Davis and Devine were rejected by their email boxes.

When election time rolls around for these members, guess who’s going to get a “no” vote from this voter?

Robert Triplett


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