Sunday letters: Who needs a $38,000 handbag?

August 18, 2013 



. — MCT

— I too feel the shame and abhorrence of racial discrimination experienced by Oprah Winfrey when the Swiss clerk refused to show her the $38,000 handbag. How devastating that must have been. Will she ever recover? The clerk obviously profiled and saw an overweight black woman whom she usually thought of as a domestic. Why would you trust such a person with a $38,000 handbag?

Wait, what did I just say? A $38,000 handbag? A $38,000 handbag? That’s as much as many families of four make in a year. Surely Ms. Winfrey can find a better racism claim than this. Or are we looking at a very clever plan to promote Oprah’s new movie? Free advertising for a probable flop movie. She is on record as being embarrassed about the flop of her previous movie.

In any event, to claim racism over someone not showing her a $38,000 handbag is ludicrous. How shameful can you get? I really feel sorry for these people.

Frank Gause


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