Pavlov’s named one of the best college bars in U.S.

Columbia - The StateAugust 18, 2013 

Pavlov's during a St. Pat's at Five Points celebration. The website The Daily Meal listed the Five Point

Pavlov’s, the Five Points bar popular with University of South Carolina students, has made the list of the 25 Greatest College Bars in the U.S., according to foodie website The Daily Meal.

The bar, list was No. 12, was noted for its attraction by the Greek fraternity and sorority students.

“Deep in South Carolina country, in Cocky the mascot’s territory, is the busy college bar known as Pavlov’s. Students of the University of South Carolina, a large portion of them Greek, take advantage of the warm, Southern weather on the patio at Pavlov’s. The cheap drinks, like 50-cent shots on Mondays, draw in quite a crowd, but the lines move quickly, allowing everyone to drink, and dance, the night away.”

Pictured on the list is a scene from St. Pat’s at Five Points.

The Daily Meal compiles lists all the time, including 35 Best Pizzas in America and the 101 Best Food Trucks in America.

Pavlov’s was the only South Carolina bar mentioned in Daily Meal’s list. The No. 1 college bar? the Boot at Tulane University in New Orleans.

The entire list is here:


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