Monday letters: It’s never too late to leave Columbia

August 19, 2013 


— I have to agree with Tim Shealy’s June 27 letter, “Columbia not a desirable place.” However, I disagree with his claim that he is too old to start over. I found “Mayberry” in a Midwestern state where I’ve purchased and remodeled a small house on an in-town lot with a large shaded backyard.

Life in “Mayberry” is different from Richland County. There are only two grocery stores, two auto parts suppliers, three convenience store/gas stations and three restaurants. On the other hand, there are good neighbors who watch out for one another.

There are no rolling boom boxes to assault the ears and good taste or hoodlums who break into businesses and murder those trying to make an honest living to support their families. Small children are safe from stray bullets in their own homes. The weekly summary of police activities would bring giggles to Columbia and Richland County citizens.

Although I am well past retirement age and have been in Richland County since 1975, I will be spending more of my time and disposable income in Mayberry and less here. I don’t want to support the politicians who brought us the CanalSide eyesore, the Air South fiasco and the impending Bull Street mess. I’m tired of the revolving door at the police chief’s office. Jokes about disgraced Gov. Mark Sanford being elected to Congress are getting old. I anticipate seeing from afar Thomas Ravenel, the drug-dealing ex-treasurer of the state, running again for office and, given recent history, being elected.

Eric B. DeGroat Jr.


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