Monday letters: Teach children about God

August 19, 2013 

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— Our young people are being taught that they evolved from some blob of goo that happened to change into human form. This is without merit and leads our children to take all they can because this life is all there is. Is it any wonder we see so many crimes?

The news reports testify that young people need to know that they have a creator God in whose image they were made. They need to be aware that the creator loves each them individually and has a divine plan for each of their lives; he will be with them to guide them through this troubled world.

Violence has skyrocketed since prayer and Bible reading were outlawed in school and people were given nearly complete freedom to abort a baby for any reason.

If we want to change the destructive nature that drives so many people, it is imperative that we teach them the biblical truth about their heritage from a loving creator God, so they will know that they were created for good for themselves and for society.

We each have a responsibility in this matter — not just the church.

Barbara L. Ginn

West Columbia

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