Tuesday letters: Bolton column could send wrong message

August 20, 2013 

Warren Bolton


— Warren Bolton’s July 23 column (“Black men endure a lifetime of suspicion”) offers good advice for fathers of black boys to educate their sons to expect profiling.

But he is wielding a double-edged sword when he advises that black boys should be indoctrinated to expect that at some point, a non-black person will treat them as potential criminals.

Parental guidance for any child, whether black, white, green or multi, should recognize and teach that there are two sides to every story. Not all black individuals and not all white individuals think or act according to the viewer’s perceptions. His column, unintentionally I am sure, paints me and a majority of other people with the “hate” brush. Anybody with a modicum of intelligence recognizes that racism exists; they also should perceive that people of any race or ethnicity are not all the same.

Our American society has evolved tremendously during the past 60 years. There are still instances of racial prejudice at all levels, but there are many more instances of people interacting and behaving as people. Elimination of racial prejudice, from both sides, is a wonderful goal, as is elimination of crime. Neither is likely to happen. When educating our children, both sides must be discussed.

James H. Wilson


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