Tuesday letters: Graham’s opponents off-base in criticisms

August 20, 2013 

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— Our nation always has had immigrants, and we always have had laws for those who wanted to become citizens. As times change, laws must be adjusted.

Opponents criticize Sen. Lindsey Graham for finding a solution for immigration and providing a path for legal status for immigrants who might otherwise be stuck in unsavory living conditions. Fortune 500 CEOs such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg favor reform to allow immigrants to contribute their skills to science and technology, which will help America’s economy tremendously.

Opponents criticize Graham’s support of surveillance, even though it has been used throughout history for safety; think of security cameras in stores and public places and police who keep an eye out for crime. Protecting our national security is extremely important too, and the stakes are higher.

Graham’s challengers chastise his level-headed disposition. They are not looking to solve problems; they only want to increase our woes. They want to be better off; they don’t want you to be well off.

Jordan Cooper


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