Wednesday letters: Don’t be strong-armed by strong-mayor opponents

August 21, 2013 




— Our community has evolved quite a bit in the past 38 years, with wonderful improvements that have made Columbia one of the best places in America to live. Just as the city has evolved, elected officials should accept that there may be a need for the evolution of city governance.

The fact that the City Council would vote against putting the mayor-council form of government on the ballot is a perfect reason for it to be put to the vote. Four people should not have the power to thwart what a majority of Columbians deem a necessary change in the way city government is operated.

Howard Duvall says that the existing strong-manager government is “a perfect form for Columbia, although it has been implemented incorrectly.” I submit that something that is perfect is impossible to “implement incorrectly.” His statement is simply expert speak for saying the registered voters don’t know what is best for them, so they have to have decisions made for them.

Residents need to sign a petition to put the question on the ballot so they can decide for themselves. Allow a vote on strong-mayor government to keep Columbia from being strong-armed.

Charles Fulmer

West Columbia

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