Orangeburg teen charged with cruelty to animals after he posts Vine video

August 21, 2013 

ORANGEBURG An Orangeburg County teen was charged with cruelty to animals after a six-second Vine video went viral and appeared to show him kicking a cat.

The video shows 17-year-old Walter Easley speaking to the camera, flashes to an orange cat walking on a porch by someone wearing blue shoes and then shows what appears to be Easley’s bare foot launching the cat from the porch into the air, where the cat lands on the ground then stands.

An Orangeburg animal control officer notified the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office about the video, according to an incident report.

“In the video, this unit observed the subject using profane language in reference to the cat being on his porch, and then forcefully kicking the cat off the porch, causing it to flip head over tail and spin several times while airborne before hitting the ground,” the incident report said.

The video appears as a gif without sound in an article by The Daily Dot

Police went to Easley’s school on Monday. Easley told police he did not kick the cat as hard as it appeared in the video. He said he threw the cat off the porch to make it appear like he kicked it. He told police he was hanging out with friends and had the idea for the video after watching a stand-up comedy routine.

The video spread across international websites, and an online petition was created called “Bring Walter Easley, the kitten kicker, to justice.” So far, the petition has 3,085 online signatures.

Cassie Cope

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