Thursday letters: Racial complaints getting old

August 22, 2013 



. — MCT

— I would think a $38,000 purse would be purchased by a newly wealthy person to try to establish social status, a manic depressive or a billionaire who thinks of $38,000 the way I do a fraction of a penny (“Swiss apologize for Oprah encounter: She says store clerk was racist toward her in Switzerland,” Aug. 10).

I wonder how many white people that clerk refused to show the purse to before a black person put a racial spin on it.

I think of Howard’s Rock at Clemson worn down by the mere placing of hands. Handling causes deterioration.

Similarly, associate editor Warren Bolton’s decision to air every racial thing that has happened in a lifetime only feeds the appetite of the race mongers, keeping this racial thing going for corporate wealth and political reasons.

Would that I could tell everything that has bothered me that was brought about by blacks — a problem at work, a scary problem for my late wife and me on Gervais Street, etc. We whites also have racial stories but don’t choose to foster racial tensions.

Richard Mims


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