Dutch Fork postal worker charged after using bogus bills at Dunkin Donuts

August 23, 2013 

— Richard Houghtallen, 45, might have started his day normally with a stop at Dunkin Donuts at 1522 Two Notch Road on his way to work at the Dutch Fork Post Office. He ended the day at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center charged with breach of trust after allegedly trying to buy merchandise at the donut shop with counterfeit money, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said in a news release.

After the bills were traced to Houghtallen, the sheriff’s department, joined by U.S. Secret Service and Postal Service investigators, got a warrant and searched his home where an estimated $10,000 in counterfeit bills and bank envelopes were found. When he was arrested at the post office Thursday afternoon, Houghtallen had more than $250 in counterfeit money on him and $100 more in his car, Lott said.

Houghtallen is accused of getting the counterfeit money from envelopes mailed by local banks to the U.S. Secret Service which investigates counterfeit currency.

-- Rachael Myers Lowe

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