Sunday letters: Disappointment at Zimmerman verdict isn’t the same as ‘the system failed’

August 25, 2013 

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George Zimmerman


— An Aug. 14 letter from L.E. Means (“It’s about justice, not skin color”) complains that “the justice system failed” Trayvon Martin and his family. I am compelled to ask, on what is this based? Neither Mr. Means nor I was present at the incident or in the courtroom during the trial. Neither of us saw what happened, heard the testimony or viewed the evidence presented.

The 12 members of a jury of the accused’s peers were there, heard it all and saw it all. They were then instructed in the pertinent laws, deliberated and came to a unanimous decision. How did the system fail? It looks like it performed exactly as it was supposed to, and reached a verdict based on laws, testimony and evidence, not on the basis of newspaper headlines and incomplete or inaccurate speculation.

“I was disappointed in the verdict” is not the same as “the justice system failed.”

Brian G. Gordon


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