Sunday letters: Teachers can’t do parents’ jobs

August 25, 2013 

— I read with mixed emotions William I. Pebley’s Aug. 14 letter, “Will tragedy bring change?” about the schools’ responsibility in teaching our children and making them responsible citizens.

Yes, the schools should be responsible, but what about the parents? That is not discussed enough. A lot of children have only one parent in the household or parents who work long hours or more than one job. This is not ideal if the parents can’t afford responsible child care. Many parents have more children than they can afford or are too young to deal with children.

These children come into our school system ill-prepared to learn, much less behave, and the cycle begins. The teacher works as best as she can with the children, and the rest of the class is held back while the teacher spends a lot of her time trying to accommodate them, with very little knowledge of corrective discipline. Special accommodations are made.

The parents are called in, and they either acknowledge there is a problem but say they are exhausted and are doing the best they can, or they acknowledge the problem and do nothing, or they tell the teacher it’s the teacher’s problem. These children end up without an education, and there are a lot of them.

Yes, we do have problems with our teachers and administrators, but these are minor compared to the children sent to school unprepared and with little help from the parents.

Molly Nettles


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