Monday Forum: Columbia’s plan for homeless won’t work

August 26, 2013 



— Many of the homeless are mentally ill, alcoholics and cocaine addicts; most have made bad choices.

If Columbia tries to force all of the homeless into a shelter outside of Columbia, it will not work. Treatment has to be wanted to be effective, and a shelter must be safe. If people are in for the night who do not want to be there, there will be trouble.

Beds should be provided only for people who sign up for a program. The other people should be free to go camp outside or go wherever.

People who care should never give homeless people money. Ask them if they are hungry, and if they are, buy them a meal, sit down and eat with them, and ask them why they are in this predicament.

Ask them what it takes to get to heaven. If they say “I don’t know” or “by doing good works,” tell them to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, repent of their sins, ask Christ into their heart and commit their lives to him. If they say “by faith,” pray with them and try to direct them for help and assurance.

They appreciate your time and your caring.

Homelessness is a spiritual problem and should be addressed as such.

Patricia G. Milley


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