Tuesday letters: Let’s take back our government

August 27, 2013 

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I’ve had enough. What happened to government of the people, by the people, for the people?

Our president has a limit of two terms he can serve. How many terms can a senator or representative serve? If two terms are good enough for our president, they should be good for Congress.

There should be caps on the amount of money any person can give to any candidate. No money should be given by corporations; they are not people. Why should we have to accept the best candidate corporate money can buy? Allow us, the people, to choose who we want to represent us.

This year Congress will work just over 120 days. Lawmakers say they are back in their districts working. That should mean asking the people of their district what their concerns are. Anyone ever have a congressman or woman knock on their door to ask what we think? I think they are schmoozing the CEOs who control the money they want to get re-elected.

Lawmakers decided that while we must retire on Social Security, they receive huge pensions. They have more perks than you can imagine. They should not be able to pass laws that affect the public that don’t also affect them.

Let’s take our country back. Let’s make enough noise that they will have to listen to us. This is our country. Enough is enough.

Frank B. Kline


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