Friday letters: Turn pink-collar jobs green

August 30, 2013 

— Next time you walk into a department store, take a good look at your salesperson. She probably can’t afford what she is selling.

Retail jobs are pink-collar jobs — mainly performed by women, working for low wages. They come with long hours, high pressure and high expectations and are done while on one’s feet.

An outdated view of female sales associates (especially in better department stores) is that they are working for a little extra pin money. Women work to support themselves. They need to pay bills, feed themselves and their families and keep a roof over their heads.

Retail jobs pay little, yet many stores make very nice profits. If only the jobs were a little less pink and a little more green (money, that is), sales associates could live a little better. And that is good for all.

It’s a dream that can become a reality. Companies just need to step up to the green plate and make women’s lives a little easier.

Eve Carlin


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