Sunday letters: Don’t kill health care act, revise it

September 1, 2013 

The Affordable Care Act has many flaws; but so has, or did, every other piece of major legislation passed since 1776.

Not to mention two wars fought under false pretenses and neither paid for in a budget. The Affordable Care Act needs major revisions, but not destruction. We pay for indigent health care at a cost of $1,000 or more for an emergency room visit and yet we fuss about a system to get all people on an insurance plan that has enough healthy people to offset the needy and unhealthy.

We are tired of a government so clouded in ideology that Congress stays in gridlock and has a dismal approval rating. Congress is violating the will of the people. For example, 90 percent of Americans want background checks for the sale of guns, but the National Rifle Association, its lobbyists and campaign contributions have blocked sensible legislation for years.

Bipartisan government is desirable and necessary in a democracy. We hope Congress will forget about political advantage and decide to do something good for the country. The American people deserve better.

Carlos W. Gibbons


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