Tuesday letters: Voter ID politics at its worst

September 3, 2013 

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— Nikki Haley recently kicked off her campaign for reelection as governor at a rally touting the passing of the voter ID law as one of her administration’s accomplishments. I’m still stunned that such a law passed given that it is a contradiction to the core Republican values. The voter ID law makes every voter provide a government-issued photo ID before casting a vote. I always thought that Republicans wanted as little government oversight as possible, especially for something that could put any kind of restriction on a person’s freedoms.

Defenders of the new voter ID law contend that an ID is needed in everyday life for something as simple as cashing a check, so what’s the big deal about having an ID to cast a vote? It’s because there is a record of people who commit check fraud. According to a SLED investigation, there was not a single case of voter impersonation in previous elections and the reported discrepancies in the last election were just clerical errors done by the poll workers and didn’t result in any invalid votes.

This just adds to the hypocrisy that comes from the Republican Party. They claim to fight against wasteful spending, yet the new voter ID law looks to be a waste of time and money spent on enforcing a law to prevent something that doesn’t even happen. They claim to fight to preserve our freedoms, yet they fight to pass a law that adds another barrier to a freedom that is at the foundation of what it means to be an American. This is politics at its best, that shows politics at its worst.

Henry Ivey West III


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