Tuesday letters: Homelessness tough to solve

September 3, 2013 

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I read the Aug. 27 article in The State (“Plan for homeless defended, protested”) regarding Eric Bland’s claim that his law office on Calhoun Street is located in what he calls “ground zero” for the homeless population in Columbia. Likewise I read the recent letters to the editor.

My question: Where is “ground zero” really?

I would suggest it in not on the east side of Bull Street, but rather somewhere along the Calhoun Street corridor from Bull Street to the canal/river.

My organization has resided on Marion Street, between Calhoun and Elmwood, for 13 years.

Yes, the presence of homeless and other pedestrians has increased in those 13 years.

Have serious, specific problems increased? Not necessarily. Depends on what you consider serious.

Would I rather see a decrease in the concentration of the homeless in the area?

Yes, but not if that means violating their rights and negatively impacting the efforts of various organizations to address their issues and transform them into more positive members of our community.

It’s a tough problem to solve while satisfying all special interests.

I’m not convinced we’ve come up with a solution — yet.

Rick Noble

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