Sunday letters: Let’s start the American Party

September 8, 2013 



Many people don’t know that Thomas Jefferson, who authored our Declaration of Independence and was our third president, was also the founder of the Democratic-Republican Party. He wanted a party that represented all the people — not just the special interests, as do today’s Republican and Democratic parties.

I propose we form a new party — the American Party. To be a member, all that’s required is to be a true American — love this country and do all you can to actively support it domestically, as well as our real neighbors to the north and south. Canada is and has been a good neighbor since its and our founding. During FDR’s administration, we had a “Good Neighbor” policy that included all of Central and South America. That’s another thing the new American Party should stand for.

Another Founding Father, our first president, George Washington, said we should avoid entangling alliances with countries that aren’t in our sphere of direct interest — those that lie to the west of the International Date Line and east of 20 degrees longitude. This area includes Hawaii, our newest state, and Cuba, a neighbor only 90 miles off our eastern shore. Get out of Europe, Asia and Africa. Protecting them and propping them up is not in the best interests of America.

Come on, Americans. Let’s unite and restore our nation’s honor and prosperity.

Neil J. Mahoney


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