Monday letters: Kerry wrong spokesman

September 9, 2013 

Kerry US Iraq


Leave it to President Obama to cunningly distract the country from the scandals that plagued his administration for the past year with wanting to strike a sovereign country because its tyrannical leader has gassed his own people.

This would be the same man who opposed the Iraq war and criticized then-President Bush for going after another murderous tyrant who gassed thousands of Kurds. His excuse to invade Syria over the use of gas that killed 1,400 or more people is hypocritical at best.

To add insult to injury, Secretary of State John Kerry goes public with a great speech aimed at bolstering support for invading another country, telling we the people that we should jump on board.

This is the same man who went before Congress during the Vietnam War and charged that our military was committing atrocities in that country without providing evidence.

As a 100-percent disabled Marine veteran of Vietnam, it’s my opinion that Kerry is a disgrace and is the wrong person to tell the American people that we should get involved in another country’s civil war.

Gregory J. Topliff


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