Monday letters: Let Syria handle its own affairs

September 9, 2013 

My two big brothers fought in World War ll; one was in the Army and the other in the Navy. Jack was the older of the two, and he encountered more of the hand-to-hand fighting in Italy, France and on D Day than Bubba, who was on one of the big ships sitting off the coast of Japan firing large guns on land.

When both came back, they didn’t talk much about their experiences. I remember reading an article that described how President Eisenhower cried when he saw the horror of what man was capable of doing to other men under the guise of war.

Time has brought many changes in our lives. As an example, when I bought my new car, I walked into the Lexus showroom and never gave a thought to the cruelties the Japanese bestowed on their prisoners of war.

I have a cousin who was a Marine at the base of Mt. Suribachi when the flag was raised. He bought a Mercedes Benz. I don’t have to describe the torture the Germans visited on so many, and especially the Jews.

What are we doing? It seems that every time countries fight — large or small — we Americans jump in and lose a lot of our boys seemingly for nothing. What do we gain?

After enough time passes, we begin to buy merchandise from the countries we fought. Will we do that with Syria?

Please don’t interfere in that country’s struggles. Let the people of Syria handle this.

Sarah Beckham


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