FBI report: Richland, Lexington counties see drop in violent crime in 2012

From Staff and Wire ReportsSeptember 16, 2013 

The number of violent crimes in Richland and Lexington counties dropped in 2012 compared with the previous year, while Kershaw County saw a slight increase, according to FBI statistics released Monday.

There were 2,266 violent crimes reported in Richland County, statistics show, down from 2,366 in 2011 — though there were two more murders and 12 more reported rapes. But robberies and aggravated assaults were down.

In Lexington County, there were 534 violent crimes reported last year, compared with 578 in 2011, with all categories down, statistics show.

But in Kershaw county, there were 256 reported violent crimes in 2012, compared with 214 in the previous year. Murders and robberies were down, but there were increases in rape and aggravated assault, the FBI reported.

Among the three counties, only Lexington County saw an increase in property crimes — to 4,549 incidents in 2012, from 4,508 in the previous year — with increases in larceny/theft, as well as arson and motor vehicle thefts. Richland and Kershaw counties reported fewer property crimes in 2012, the statistics showed.

Nationally, the number of violent crimes increased .7 percent in 2012, according to the figures. However, property crimes decreased .9 percent, marking the 10th straight year of declines for these offenses, collectively, the FBI reported.

A total of 18,290 city, county, state, university and college, tribal, and federal agencies participated in the crime reporting program in 2012.

Closer look at the numbers


Kershaw: 256 (up 52)

Lexington: 534 (down 44)

Richland: 2,266 (down 30)


Kershaw: 2 (down 4)

Lexington: 7 (down 3)

Richland: 15 (up 2)


Kershaw: 27 (up 6)

Lexington: 59 (down 1)

Richland: 105 (up 12)


Kershaw: 14 (down 4)

Lexington: 81 (down 27)

Richland: 388 (down 18)

Aggravated assault

Kershaw: 213 (up 44)

Lexington: 387 (down 13)

Richland: 1,758 (down 96)


Kershaw: 1,557 (up 186)

Lexington: 4,549 (up 41)

Richland: 9,747 (down 207)


Kershaw: 485 (up 89)

Lexington: 1,068 (down 79)

Richland: 2,657 (down 203)


Kershaw: 962 (up 72)

Lexington: 3,061 (up 108)

Richland: 5,891 (down 56)

Motor vehicle theft

Kershaw: 110 (up 25)

Lexington: 420 (up 12)

Richland: 1,199 (up 52)


Kershaw: 1 (down 20)

Lexington: 13 (up 4)

Richland: 27 (up 1)


FBI report: Richland, Lexington counties see drop in violent crime in 2012

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