Friday letters: Make medicinal marijuana legal

September 20, 2013 

— During a recent conversation, someone asked if was any support in the State House for legalizing medicinal marijuana. Several of the group snickered; the consensus was “no,” and we moved on to other topics.

Later, it occurred to me that we tend to react to any discussion about marijuana legalization as though we were in high school talking about getting high.

In fact, this spring my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After the surgery, he continued to lose weight, and suffered such constant and severe back pain that he was unable to sit for more than a very few minutes. Marijuana not only would have helped with regaining his appetite, but also would have brought him pain relief. But because it continues to be illegal, he is prescribed the morphine derivative oxycodone, a much more powerful, dangerous and addictive drug.

I wonder if the resistance to legalizing medical marijuana has anything to do with the powerful pharmaceutical lobby; drugs such as oxycodone are quite profitable.

We should demand that our legislators get their hands out of the pockets of the pharmaceutical lobby and take responsible action. There are just too many people suffering because they are not allowed this cost-effective and least harmful pain suppressant.

Agnes F. Pomata

Wadmalaw Island

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