Wednesday letters: Bi-Lo reached out to fire victims

September 25, 2013 

I am a resident of Granby Oaks Apartments, the site of a horrific fire on Sept. 12. By the time my husband realized the unit behind ours was on fire, most of the building and adjacent trees were already engulfed in flames. We had no time to gather personal belongings, and we truly felt we would have no home to come back to. Our unit suffered minimal damage, but we are saddened by the death of our neighbor, Jay Gross.

Residents gathered at the Bi-Lo shopping center across the street, in a state of panic, chaos and uncertainty. I would like to thank Kimberly Dawson, the manager on duty that night. Kimberly and other Bi-Lo employees did everything they could to accommodate residents, even keeping the store open for several hours after closing time so we would have access to restrooms. The compassion of these employees was comforting during a very trying time and most appreciated.

Yvonne Swords

West Columbia

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