Friday letters: Graham will hurt conservatives

September 27, 2013 

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Sen. Lindsey Graham has taken a path that is anti-capitalism and anti-Constitution. Instead of an approach rooted in the virtues of uncompromising principles, he has only an uncompromising self-righteous belief that he is always right.

Socialists are anti-capitalism and anti-individual rights. They are the Democratic Party leadership.

Graham’s support of illegal-alien citizenship will not help the Republicans. Illegal aliens, like many who vote Democratic, focus on one-issue. Graham and others like him are either idiotic or Democratic Party wolves in Republican clothing.

Graham will hurt the election of true conservatives. He is a right-wing member of the Washington “Statist Party.” Democrats are the left wing. He represents Washington, not South Carolina.

When Democrats need him, Graham is there with his surrender flag waving “principled compromise.” They must look on Graham as their court jester. Voting against Graham in the primary will help restore the nation.

Richard Gosnell


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