Italian Festival (and Bocce) makes folks feel at home

ccope@thestate.comSeptember 28, 2013 

Brothers Tyler and Ethan Rizzo


— Brothers Tyler, 3, (left) and Ethan, 6, Rizzo play Bocce at the Italian Festival downtown on Blanding Street.

The Rizzo family just moved to Sumter from Pittsburgh, and since they missed the Italian festival in Pittsburgh they attended the one in Columbia on Saturday, said their mom, Kristin Rizzo.

The boys’ dad is Italian, and the boys used to go to a place to make pasta in Pittsburgh.

“They love learning about their dad's culture,” she said.

Evan Schultheis was dressed as a Roman solider and told Daniel Frye about the Roman Empire after the Western Half fell.

Schultheis said the chainmail he was wearing was about 15 pounds and he had on padding underneath.

“It’s a little hot, but it’s not uncomfortable,” he said.

Lewis Hayes was also dressed as a Roman solider and people kept taking their picture with him.

He was starting to get hungry around lunchtime.

“Time to feed the troops,” he joked.

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