SC town sees 50 percent jump in burglaries

September 29, 2013 

TOWNVILLE, S.C. (AP) – Anderson County deputies have increased patrols in Townville after at least 45 burglaries have been reported in the rural community in the past six months.

Deputies have several suspects, but haven't made any arrests in most of the break-ins, Sheriff John Skipper told the Anderson Independent-Mail.

“We do have an idea of a handful of people,” Skipper said.

Along with the 45 burglaries, four armed robberies and a home invasion also have been reported in the area. Officials say it is a 50 percent jump in crime from the year before.

Some places have been hit more than once. Caribbean Storage has been burglarized four times with a total of $23,000 of items taken. Caribbean Car Wash has been burglarized three times, according to sheriff's reports.

Skipper is urging people in the community to create a neighborhood watch and make sure they keep their doors and windows locked. He also wants residents to call in if they see anything suspicious, no matter how minor it might seem.

“If anyone has any information, I hope they call us,” Skipper said.

One neighborhood with several burglaries considered placing a gate across the street leading into the community, but decided against it after learning the county would no longer maintain the roads, Amy Hammond said.

Hammond had several pieces of jewelry valued at nearly $19,000 taken from her home. They came from her mother's estate after she died two years ago.


From: Anderson Independent-Mail

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