Tuesday letters: Emotion won’t solve gun issue

October 1, 2013 

In Llewellyn King’s Sept. 24 column, “Show the grim pictures,” the most telling and honest admission of his argument was that, to win, his side cannot use logic, it must use emotion.

I agree completely, because virtually all of the proposals I hear made by the gun control side are illogical, impractical or unenforceable.

Logical, practical, and enforceable proposals could receive support from gun lovers, but they are politically incorrect and/or unacceptable to the other side.

I think we could agree that we should keep firearms out of the hands of the dangerously mentally ill, but there is organized resistance on the gun control side to admitting that, or making it possible. The same goes for strongly enforcing existing gun laws to keep them out of the hands of gangs and felons, or keeping gangsters and felons off the street; Chicago, for instance, has one of the worst records in this regard.

Instead, what are proposed are laws that can’t be enforced — e.g., magazine bans/restrictions — or laws that merely make it more difficult for law-abiding gun owners to purchase or to transfer firearms from father to son or husband to wife.

While emotion might win the argument, given these issues, it will not address the problem.

Patrick D. Nolan


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