Thursday letters: Grieving families deserve better

October 3, 2013 

During a Sept. 19 congressional hearing on Benghazi, all but two House Democrats got up and walked out on the grieving families of Benghazi victims as they sat seeking answers and justice, both of which Obama’s administration continues to withhold.

This pathetic act was yet another despicable insult to the victims and their families, equally offensive (if not more so) than then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s earlier theatrical cry of “What does it matter?” If sacrificing their family members in Benghazi wasn’t enough, the families had to endure this insult from these politicians who abandoned them by walking out, leaving them alone with unanswered questions. It has been over a year, and Democrats continue to call the murder of a U.S. ambassador, the first in over 30 years, and of three other Americans a “phony scandal,” refuse to answer questions, prevent key witnesses from testifying, and continue to attempt to make this issue simply go away.

Disgusting displays such as this, walking out on these families, will not make the scandal go away. It only underscores their total disregard for American lives and national security when compared to protecting their own from political incompetence, failures and real scandals.

Todd Garrick


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