Sunday letters: I-526 destructive, unnecessary

October 6, 2013 

20010607 ROAD WORK


The I-526 issue has reached a ridiculous point. People all over this state need their decaying, unsafe bridges and roadways repaired. Since the draft environmental impact statement says that extension will add more population density to Johns Island, which will negate any benefit during a hurricane it might have provided, that excuse for spending an obscene amount of money is no longer valid.

So while it will (at a staggering price tag of over $550 million) certainly destroy countless acres of priceless wetlands, homes and communities in its path, only a small percentage of people will actually benefit, mostly the contractors and politicians pushing for its completion. The rest of the state is out of luck, but gets to help pay for this folly. Remember, once you pave something, you lose it forever. So we are filing our diminished value claim immediately, along with so many others.

The county should stand by its vote to compensate those directly in the path. I would hate to see all of us have to join together for a lawsuit if they choose otherwise.

Regina Bowling

Johns Island

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