State House for Sale: Where does the money go? Consultants

October 6, 2013 

What political consultants do state lawmakers employ? A look at the top-paid political consultants, ranked by the amount of money state lawmakers paid them. Almost all of the Top 10 consultants advise Republicans, who control the S.C. House and hold a majority in the Senate. However, some — Richard Quinn and Steve Fooshe — have Democratic clients, too. (The numbers come from the most recent election cycle for the Senate, 2009-2012, and the House, 2009-2012, plus the first two fund-raising quarters of 2013.)

1. Walter Whetsell (Starboard Communications) — $542,820.31

2. Richard Quinn (Richard Quinn & Associates) — $542,738.76

3. Warren Tomkins and Luke Byars (First Tuesday Strategies) — $361,003.40

4. Wesley Donehue (Push Digital, formerly Donehue Direct) — $251,817.70

5. Michael Mule (UPT Strategies) — $247,815.38

6. CSI — $247,450.45

7. Steve Fooshe (Steven Fooshe & Associates) — $229,655.30

8. Wendy Homeyer (Homeyer Strategy Group) — $156,328

9. Creative Communications (Greenville-based PR firm) — $151,000

10. Chris Drummond (Charleston-based political consultant) — $120,808.92

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