Wednesday letters: Giese’s leadership set him apart

October 9, 2013 

— Warren Giese came to the University of South Carolina as football coach in 1956. Five years later he was made professor in the Department of Physical Education. He was appointed to the President’s Commission on Fitness in recognition of his leadership in physical fitness. Dr. Giese also was a director of an international multiple-risk-factor intervention trial on heart disease.

In 1972 he was first elected to Richland County Council, which he chaired. I was privileged to serve under his leadership on that council. One of his most far-reaching accomplishments was his leadership in the early planning of the USC School of Medicine. He strongly supported the core structure centering around USC, Richland Memorial and the VA Hospital. He continued to be an advocate for the medical school after he was elected a state senator.

Dr. Giese will best be remembered by this anecdote of how he saw himself. When introducing him to speak, I asked what title should I use — doctor, professor, coach, Mr. Chairman or senator. His response, “I prefer Coach.”

Thanks, “Coach,” for your committed and futuristic leadership.

S. Hunter Rentz

West Columbia

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