SC Politics: Lieutenant governor moves $250,000 to his campaign account

October 9, 2013 

Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell

Lieutenant governor transfers money to campaign account

Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell has transferred more than $250,000 from his state Senate campaign account to his campaign for lieutenant governor.

The Charleston Republican, who was state Senate president pro tempore, became lieutenant governor after former Lt. Gov. Ken Ard resigned and entered a guilty plea to campaign fraud. McConnell posted his fundraising report, including the transfer, online Tuesday.

Richard Quinn, McConnell’s political consultant, said McConnell has not done any formal fundraising. But, Quinn added, “We are about to get started.”

“He is of the view that announcing (his candidacy) a year in advance is not something anybody should be doing,” Quinn said. “You should try to do your job first and focus on the election in election years.”

To transfer the money from his state Senate account, McConnell had to get written permission from each donor. “There is still more to transfer,” Quinn said. “It’s a complicated process.

Democratic state Rep. Bakari Sellers, D-Bamberg, has said he will challenge McConnell for lieutenant governor in 2014. As of late Tuesday afternoon, Sellers had not yet posted his fundraising report. He has until midnight Thursday to do so.

Adam Beam

Enrollment for new S.C. hacking monitoring starts Oct. 24

Enrollment starts Oct. 24 for a second year of state-funded identity-and-credit monitoring for victims of the massive S.C. tax records breach.

Hacking victims can go to or call (855) 880-2743 for information about monitoring services from Texas-based CSID’s services. People also can request a CSID representative call them back to enroll over the phone when enrollment opens later this month.

CSID received a state contract worth up to $8.5 million to monitor data from the TransUnion credit bureau, track sales of information on online black markets and check for misuse of data in court records, pay-day loans, change of address alerts and sex-offender registries.

The company also will provide identity-theft insurance and identity restoration services. Dependents and businesses also can receive CSID coverage.

Nearly 1.5 million taxpayers enrolled for a year of state-funded credit-monitoring from Experian in the months after hackers stole information belonging to 6.4 million taxpayers and businesses from the S.C. Department of Revenue last October.

Registration with Experian, which received a $12 million one-year contract, ran from October through March. CSID monitoring starts the day people enroll – even if their Experian plan has not expired, the Revenue Department said.

Hacking victims who did not enroll for monitoring by Experian can register with CSID. Enrollment for the new service ends Oct. 1, 2014.

The state has promised at least three additional years of credit monitoring for victims of the largest-ever hacking at a state agency. Authorities have not announced any arrests.

Andy Shain

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