Thursday letters: What happened to compromise?

October 10, 2013 

Congress Returns



The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress. The process was not pretty, but it is the law. The Supreme Court found it constitutional. President Obama was reelected. There have been 42 votes in the U.S. House to kill the law, all taken with the full knowledge that the Senate would not go along.

Now about 40 members of the tea party (9.2 percent of the House), who have not been able to get their way, are holding the country hostage.

These privileged 40 people do not worry about health care because they have access to it. It is reprehensible that they would force a furlough of federal employees and threaten the economic recovery.

The people who are suffering are real families, not stick figures in some diagram.

The privileged 40 fancy themselves heirs to the Greatest Generation. How ironic. The Affordable Care Act was essentially the plan Sen. Bob Dole, a member of the Greatest Generation, proposed when he ran for the presidency in 1996.

Sen. Dole and Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan understood that governance demands compromise, not ideological rigidity. Our Constitution was born in compromise.

King George had the support of one-third of the colonists. This Congress has an approval rating of 12 percent.

One wonders what President Eisenhower and Sen. Dole would say to this Republican caucus.

W. Carole Holloway


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