Thursday letters: Revamp food stamp program

October 10, 2013 

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I have seen recently in The State letters from soft hearted- — and soft-headed —people decrying the modest cuts proposed in the food stamp benefit program. Each one is sobbing about the starving children, of course.

Well, you can pretty much bet that the only starving children out there are the ones whose mommy or daddy sold their free government food to buy drugs.

Do not underestimate the growing resentment — rage even — over this nightmare entitlement system in this country.

EBT, SNAP, WIC, free/heavily subsidized housing and God knows what else are creating and perpetuating an intolerable situation that has decent people asking why in the world we are paying to totally support the baser elements in our society.

I and many others see something like this almost every time I go to a grocery store: one or more filled-up grocery carts paid for by food stamps, then pushed out to a waiting Escalade, BMW or Lexus.

The entire system needs to be scrapped and replaced with a far leaner benefit system with stringent controls. First thing to be done is to allow people who desire government benefits one child only. If you have another spawn, you lose everything.

Why should these people profit from having children they cannot or will not pay for?

Ralph Boineau


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