Monday letters: Americans should be angry

October 13, 2013 

Congress Returns



Are Americans angry? You betcha. In just five years we’ve witnessed a stunning deterioration: massive loss of jobs, no more full-time employment, bankruptcies, foreclosed homes, etc. The painful consequences are felt, not in Washington, but out here where we live: increased crime, alcohol, drugs and neighbor-against-neighbor bickering. What happened to our country?

Congress has been fighting and President Obama has been blaming everyone, including us. Differences among our representatives happened before, but something is different this time. We are a nation divided in a hateful way.

Eventually, common-sense Americans will put two and two together and conclude that we’re being played. In the first four years Obama was president, the national debt limit was raised seven times, adding trillions more in debt. That’s our money, the accumulated wealth of hard-working Americans being transferred by and to the government. It represents lost opportunity for future generations.

Jane Kenny


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