Tuesday letters: Take privilege of driving seriously

October 15, 2013 

Children are very impressionable, so when my daughters and I are out driving, I always insist on buckling the belts and showing responsible behavior. I explain the safety rules, such as always using turn signals and turning on your headlights at dusk. But one incessant question I get is, “Daddy, how come everybody always blows the horn at you, and why do they all pass you, and why is your car so slow?”

I know I may be classified as recalcitrant and unyielding, but I will not exceed the speed limit. I make it a concerted point to always drive exactly the posted speed. Period. I will not risk my life and those of my children or other passengers just to engage in bravado or road rage. Life is too important for that.

I wish people would be more understanding of my commitment to obey the law rather than responding with hand gestures, horn blowing and audacious tailgating. Take the privilege of driving seriously.

Paul E. Jones


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