Swansea man’s flirtation with meth gets him 20 years in prison

jmonk@thestate.comOctober 16, 2013 

LEXINGTON, SC People who fool around with the addictive drug methamphetamine learn quickly how it rots your teeth and emaciates your body.

This week, Swansea resident Michael Paul Dixon, 24, got another lesson in how meth can mess up a life.

Dixon got a 20-year prison sentence from Circuit Judge G. Thomas Cooper Jr.

Dixon pleaded guilty to manufacturing meth, second offense, in a case prosecuted by assistant 11th Circuit Solicitor Michael Ross.

Last January, Lexington County sheriff’s deputies had caught Dixon and another man red-handed making meth in a shed behind Dixon’s house in rural Lexington County.

Deputies were acting on a tip, and when they arrived, they smelled meth’s familiar stink and moved in quickly.

Meth kitchens can explode, and once on the scene, officers generally act fast.

Solicitor Donnie Myers welcomed the sentence. “The methamphetamine problem has caused great damage to large portions of rural Lexington County. There are areas where good people can’t live in peace because of the prevalence of

these toxic methamphetamine labs.”

Making meth is popular in various parts of Lexington County.

From Jan. 1 to early July, Lexington County sheriff’s deputies assisted by officers from other agencies had busted 43 meth kitchens and made 60 arrests – one of whom was Dixon.

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