Sunday letters: Some people need public assistance

October 20, 2013 

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— Ralph Boineau’s Oct. 10 letter (“Revamp food stamp program”) clearly exhibits his biases, ignorance and provincial point of view regarding “entitlements.”

Take my situation: I am a 59-year-old man with 32 years of retail management experience. I broke my hip at work in 2011 and was put on light duty by workers’ compensation.

After one and a half years of the company forcing me to do tasks in direct violation of doctors’ orders, my claim was denied. I was sent home immediately.

So now, here I am, with 8- and 10-year-old daughters I take care of half of the week, paying child support. South Carolina Legal Aid will not take my case and I cannot afford a lawyer. Yes, I get EBT, but the monthly allotment only lasts two weeks. I only purchase the least expensive foods. My kids drink water, not sodas or Kool-Aid. I drive a small four-door compact that is almost paid off.

Would I like to work? Sure. But my employer just terminated me and I am struggling, to say the least. I am so thankful for my “entitlements.” If you needed them, you would be, too.

Paul Jones

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