Tuesday letters: We need leaders who care

October 22, 2013 

Congress Returns



Progressive new laws always have faced opposition from conservatives. President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal that brought about Social Security, unemployment insurance and rights for workers was called socialist. President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society that brought Medicare and Medicaid, public television and 911 for emergency calls was called socialist. President Johnson ran on decreasing poverty in America.

So President Obama, with his Affordable Health Care Act, is in good company with those who changed this country for better.

The conservatives, especially the extremist tea-party element of the GOP, show they are about funding the rich while disenfranchising the middle class and the poor. Tea-party adherents act as if they are folksy politicians who are champions for the middle class and the poor, but they are using them as pawns in their game.

When the legislative branch shut down the government, the middle class and poor were heavily affected, but the tea-party representatives and senators were still paid. National Guard and reserve drills were cancelled, parks were closed, and many of the working class lost money they needed to pay bills and care for their families.

These elected officials care nothing for the people who voted them in office. So I say in 2014, we need to vote them out of office, vote in those who have America’s best interests at heart and reject those who are concerned only for the big-money lobbyists and special-interest groups.

Victor L. Rodgers


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