Wednesday letters: Public schools being undermined

October 23, 2013 

— Under the guise of giving school districts more “flexibility,” the state Department of Education is proposing to remove limits on class size and teacher work hours and reduce teacher and administrator qualifications.

Class sizes could balloon from 35 students to 50. Music, physical education and art classes could hold as many as 90 children at a time. Teacher certification would not be required.

Say goodbye to many guidance counselors and librarians; small schools would not have them. Aides could be eliminated. Schools with fewer than 400 students could opt to have only a part-time principal.

There would be no core-subject designation.

Imagine your child in such an environment. What would her or his chances of receiving a quality education be? It seems that our Education Department is doing its best to undermine the public schools that it was created to promote, support and regulate.

I urge you to contact your State Board of Education member now to voice your disapproval of this effort to undermine the public schools of South Carolina.

Elizabeth Russell


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