Wednesday letters: City offended many Columbians

October 23, 2013 




— Should a police officer be required to serve in public events he finds reprehensible? The police officer’s oath is not about marching in parades; it is about protecting the public.

Allison Baker, our assistant city manager, was quoted in The State on Oct. 3 (“Reversal of CPD chief’s order on gay pride parade spurs complaints”) as saying: “There is no policy to give them foundation to claim (a religious exemption).”

Why not? There should be.

The First Amendment to our Constitution gives our government no legal authority to force its citizens to go against their religious beliefs. Our mayor and those in authority over us must understand and honor our foundational freedom.

Our city’s commitment to inclusiveness is not valid. Many Columbians, possibly a majority, are offended by the city’s choosing to partner with those promoting the gay-pride agenda.

Those gay priders who demand their rights be protected appear quick to question the rights of those who disagree with them.

Anne C. Rainville


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