Thursday letters: America’s future in good hands

October 24, 2013 



— All is not lost America. Last week I had the privilege to observe several U.S. government classes, composed mostly of seniors, at a local high school. The students were asked to comment on what was wrong with our government today. In no specific order, their replies included the following:

1. The negative influence many political action committees have on election results is excessive and must be dealt with soon.

2. Term limits are necessary for members of the Senate and House of Representatives. Once elected, lawmakers spend too much time trying to get re-elected.

3. The spiraling national debt needs curtailing.

4. All branches of the government blame each other for the problems instead of working together to solve them.

5. There is a lack of a unified effort to develop programs for job creation.

6. Welfare needs to be reformed. They were sympathetic to those who truly need the government’s help to survive; however, they all felt like the system is rife with abuse and that able-bodied people should be put to work.

To me, this is a positive sign that the future of our country is in good hands.

Gerald Callahan


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