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Camouflage banned at 4 high schools in Richland 1, all football games

tflach@thestate.comOctober 24, 2013 

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Camouflage clothing and accessories are barred at all football games in Richland 1 through next weekend, officials said Thursday.

And four of seven high schools now ban clothing and accessories with the mottled pattern in classrooms after police warnings that camouflage has been adopted by an unidentified gang, officials said Thursday.

Dreher announced a ban this week. Lower Richland, Keenan and Columbia already had the ban in place, Richland 1 spokeswoman Karen York said Thursday.

Camouflage gear is still allowed at Eau Claire, A.C. Flora and C.A. Johnson.

Student dress codes are revised constantly to keep campuses safe, Superintendent Percy Mack said. School principals are given latitude to make changes unilaterally, he said.

“They know the pulse of their schools,” Mack said.

A common, district-wide dress code is impossible, he said.

“Different schools have different issues,” he said. “There are other things out there. Principals know the things needed to keep their schools safe.”

Recommendations come from school resources officials, who are uniformed law enforcement officers, officials said.

“They keep us in the know on what’s around out there,” York said. “What may be an issue in one may not apply for others.”

Sheriff Leon Lott has declined to identify the gang affiliated with camouflage.

Dreher principal Jeanne Stiglbauer declined to comment for this story. Efforts to reach principals of Keenan, Lower Richland and Columbia high schools were unsuccessful.

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