Tuesday letters: Problems are moral, spiritual

October 29, 2013 

— There are of course short-term measures to improve security in Five Points, but who is willing to try to even talk about the larger community, state and national issues surrounding a generation of young people growing up without a proper moral compass?

Our founders knew the system of government they designed would work only for a moral and religious people. John Adams, George Washington, even Ben Franklin said similar things. Yet we act today as if somehow we are going to fix a problem like this, which is deeply rooted in moral and spiritual causes, with more security cameras, police officers, etc. These are only short-term fixes, and in the end, the price we pay is the loss of liberty (e.g., the Transportation Security Administration, National Security Administration).

So we have a choice, Columbia (and South Carolina and America). We either can be better self-governed morally, from within, or we will have to be forcibly governed from without. An American from a much earlier generation said we could be governed by the Bible or the bayonet.

Which will it be Columbia?

Steve Lefemine


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