Tuesday letters: Five Points needs warning system

October 29, 2013 

— I read that the city police have a substation in Five Points, which is good. What I would suggest is that a hot line to the substation be set up with an easy-to-remember three- or four-digit number (USC)=(872), or maybe 5-1-1.

Every student at USC has a cell phone, and the students know when someone or something doesn’t look right and could call the substation and give the location so street patrol can be alerted. Sector-location numbers could be posted throughout the area so students could report the closest location number. Since students are forever on their phones, it wouldn’t look suspicious at all to see someone dialing a number.

A great percentage of the students in Five Points are not part of the problem, but they could be a big part of the solution.

Think about the Martha Childress situation: If someone had reported the argument that preceded the shooting, Martha might not be paralyzed from the waist down today.

Marion Brown


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